Our mission is the facilitation of arts
and culture at local and international level

About Us

The foundation became a logical continuation of the Art studio “Amateras” which had been created in 2005. Since 2010 the initiators of the foundation – Daniela Todorova and TodorTodorov, have realised collective and solo exhibitions, residencies, symposiums, lectures, creative exchanges and projects with international participation and public in Bulgaria and abroad. The activities also include educational programmes for non-expert public, children and adolescents.

The annual Sofia Paper Art Fest and the long-term projects have established a sustainable environment for thriving of the contemporary art and its relation to the audience.

The accumulated collection of donated artworks through the years, which is named after the foundation, has been annually presented across the world.

Amateras is a mediator in the field of culture whose top priority is set to be the cultural dialogue.


Sofia Paper Art Fest

International festival annually presenting the best of the contemporary Paper Art. The event is unique for Bulgaria and without analogue in the world. Guest curatorial formats to another countries have emerged as a common practice of the festival.

The festival includes the following sections:
ѕ  Amateras Annual Exhibition/Competition for Paper Art
ѕ  Paper Art Biennial
ѕ  Paper Art Academy
ѕ  Exchange and Guest Exhibitions
ѕ  Art in Urban Environment
ѕ  Theatre and Film
ѕ  Green Architecture
Related Events

Sofia Paper Art Fest is a member of The Bulgarian Festivals Association and The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA). The festival is part of the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality.

Sofia Paper Art Fest is a two-time winner of the label “Europe for Festivals. Festivals for Europe”(EFFE), awarded periodically by the European Festivals Association.

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Amateras Collection

The foundation owns and maintains a collection of more than 3000 artworks by international artists. The collection annually enriches with the works that were awarded in the Competition for Paper Art “Amateras”, the Paper Art Biennial and by donations from another foundation’s projects. The collection includes paper art, sculpture, paintings, printmaking, photography and installations. The main aim of the collection is the international presentation of the works via curatorial projects.

So far, the Amateras Collection has been presented in: Argentina, Brazil, UK, Germany, Georgia, Italy, Ireland, Cyprus, China, Kosovo, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

Support and Donations

The Amateras Foundation is a non-profit organization with focus on culture and art and its activities mainly depend on the long-term relations with state and private structures.

Aside the financial support, we have always been open for alternative forms of partnership with bilateral contentment as a result. Through all the years this brings along a great publicity that has influenced not only the cultural scene in Bulgaria, but also that in the partner countries.

We thank all sponsors, partners and friends who support and believe in our mission.

If you have interest in becoming our partner or supporting our goals, please contact us.

Our Network

For the last 11 years Amateras Foundation has been granted the confidence of dozens of adherents and partners from public and private institutions, museums, galleries, cultural and educational organizations, international professional associations and industries as well as artists and audience.

Without all of you, we would not have got there and achieved our projects and events, motivated to discover new horizons.

Thank you for being part of our mission for intercultural dialogue.