Our Network

Amateras Foundation would like to express its gratitude to all who contributed to the realization of our projects and events!

Governmental institutions

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria
National Culture Fund
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria
State Cultural Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
National Communication Strategy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Environment and Water
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Japan Foundation
Ministry of Social Welfare of Finland
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania
Ministry of Culture of Lithuania
Department of Justice of Ireland
Department of Tourism of Ireland
Ministry of Culture of Brazil
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil
CURIA – Court of Justice of the European Union
Norden, Nordic Culture Fund

Embassy of Bulgaria in Argentina
Embassy of Bulgaria in Brazil
Embassy of Bulgaria in Belgium and Luxembourg
Embassy of Bulgaria in the UK
Embassy of Bulgaria in Georgia
Embassy of Bulgaria in Ireland
Embassy of Bulgaria in Kosovo
Embassy of Bulgaria in Lithuania
Embassy of Bulgaria in Finland
Embassy of Bulgaria in Japan
Embassy of Argentina in Bulgaria
Embassy of Austria in Bulgaria
Embassy of Brazil in Bulgaria
Embassy of Belgium in Bulgaria
Embassy of the United Kingdom in Bulgaria
Embassy of Germany in Bulgaria
Embassy of Denmark in Bulgaria
Embassy of Indonesia in Bulgaria
Embassy of Ireland in Bulgaria
Embassy of Iceland in Bulgaria
Embassy of Kosovo in Bulgaria
Embassy of Lithuania in Bulgaria
Embassy of the Netherlands in Bulgaria
Embassy of Norway in Bulgaria
Embassy of USA in Bulgaria
Embassy of Slovakia in Bulgaria
Embassy of Hungary in Bulgaria
Embassy of Finland in Bulgaria
Embassy of Sweden in Bulgaria
Embassy of South Africa in Bulgaria
Embassy of South Korea in Bulgaria
Embassy of Japan in Bulgaria
Consulate for Bulgaria in Brazil – Consul Renato Rusev

Sofia Municipality, Bulgaria
Blagoevgrad Municipality, Bulgaria
Belene Municipality, Bulgaria
Varna Municipality, Bulgaria
Zlatitsa Municipality, Bulgaria
Levski Municipality, Bulgaria
Pavlikeni Municipality, Bulgaria
Mendoza Municipality, Argentina
Municipality of Chaco, Argentina
Municipality of Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Municipality of São Paulo, Brazil
Shanghai Municipality, China
Fengxiang Municipality, China
Pristina Municipality, Kosovo
Vilnius Municipality, Lithuania
Municipality of Alajärvi, Finland
Municipality of Vaaza, Finland
Municipality of Seinäjoki, Finland
Municipality of Helsinki, Finland
Busan Municipality, South Korea
Munakata Municipality, Japan
Fukuoka Municipality, Japan

Bulgarian Cultural Institute, London, United Kingdom
Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Berlin, Germany
Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Warsaw, Poland
Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Prague, Czech Republic
Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Paris, France
Frame, Helsinki, Finland
British Cultural Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria
Goethe-Institute Bulgaria
Chinese Cultural Institute “Confucius”, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
French Cultural Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria
Liszt Insitute, Hungarian Cultural Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Czech Cultural Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Japanese Cultural Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria

Non-governmental organizations

IAPMA Association, Germany and USA
NEXUS Association, Fukuoka, Japan
Color and Shape Association, Busan, South Korea
Association “Sculpture Network”, Germany
Association “Bulgarians in Argentina”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Association of Cyprus Paper Artists, Nicosia, Cyprus
Association of Lithuanian Artists, Vilnius, Lithuania
Association “Chaîne de papier”, France
BFA – Bulgarian Festival Association
BULDOC, Bulgaria
ЕFFE – European festival Association
FESPA, Bulgaria
Kagetsu Association, Sofia, Bulgaria
Yumeiho Association, Sofia, Bulgaria
SOGA Association, Sofia, Bulgaria
Atelier “Elora”, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Aiki School, Sofia, Bulgaria
Aiki Budo, Sofia, Bulgaria
Africa Village, South Africa
Beer Sheva Biennial, Negev Museum, Israel
Cartasia Biennial, Lucca, Italy
Fengxian Biennial, Shanghai, China
Chaîne de papier, Paper Art Biennial, France
Bulgarian Haiku Union, Sofia, Bulgaria
Shinbukan Club, Sofia, Bulgaria
SWECHAM Bulgaria
JBBA – Japanese Bulgarian Business Association
Nihon Tomono Kai Club, Sofia, Bulgaria
Kokoro Cultural Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
German Centre for Debate at the Union of Berlin Artists, Berlin, Germany
Union of Lithuanian Artists, Vilnius, Lithuania
Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, Bulgaria
Karin Dom Foundation, Varna, Bulgaria
Eero Nelimarkka Foundation, Alajärvi, Finland
ZeeArts, Dubai/Mauritius

Museums, cultural centers and galleries

National Library, "St.St. Cyril and Methodius"
Capital City Library, Bulgaria
Archaeological Museum, Varna, Bulgaria
Museum “Georgi Velchev”, Varna, Bulgaria
Nelimarkka Museum, Alajärvi, Finland
Verla Museum, Kuusankoski, Finland
Pohiyanmaan Museum, Vaasa, Finland
Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Kyosei-no-Sato Museum, Amagi, Fukuoka, Japan
Wakita Museum, Karuizawa, Japan
Fukuoka Prefecture Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
Seiriki Museum, Okawa, Japan
National History Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia
Karvasla Museum, National History Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia
Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation Museum, São Paulo, Brazil
Museum of National Art, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Fabriano Paper Museum, IAPMA Congress, Fabriano, Italy
National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia, Bulgaria
National Art Gallery “The Palace”, Sofia, Bulgaria
National Art Gallery “Kvadrat 500”, Sofia, Bulgaria
National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria
National Gallery, Pristina, Kosovo
National History Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria
National Museum of Natural History, Sofia, Bulgaria
Regional History Museum – Sofia, Bulgaria
Regional History Museum – Varna, Bulgaria
Sofia City Art Gallery, Bulgaria
Triangular Tower of Serdica – RHM, Sofia, Bulgaria
City Art Gallery – Dobrich, Bulgaria
Museum of Andrey Nikolov – The Red House

Art Center “Espacio Cultural Julio Le Parc”, Mendoza, Argentina
Boris Hristov Music center, Bulgaria
Global Arena Art Center, Munakata, Japan
Altera Art Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
Art Center “Forum”, Sofia, Bulgaria
CASO Art Center/Space for Contemporary Art, Osaka, Japan
Munakata Urban Cultural Center, Japan
Trinity College Library, exhibition space “James Escher”, Dublin, Ireland
Arena di Serdica, Exhibition Space, Sofia, Bulgaria
CAISA – International Cultural Centre, Helsinki, Finland
Community centre “Bratstvo – 1884”, Pavlikeni, Bulgaria
Community centre “Georgi Partsalev”, Levski, Bulgaria
Art Sauna Space, Embassy of Bulgaria in Helsinki, Finland
Regional Center for Contemporary Arts “Toplocentrala”, Sofia, Bulgaria

Seinäjoki City Gallery, Finland
Vaasa City Gallery, Finland
Paper Gallery, Kuusankosky, Finland
Gallery at the Pasila City Library, Helsinki, Finland
Gallery of the Union of Lithuanian Artists, Vilnius, Lithuania
Paper Art Gallery, Verla Museum, Finland
Sredets Gallery, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria
Mission Gallery, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sofia, Bulgaria
Rayko Alexiev Gallery, Union of Bulgarian Artist, Sofia, Bulgaria
Serdika Gallery, Regional History Museum – Sofia, Bulgaria
Vivacom Art Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria
Mazda Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Academia Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Art Alley Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Artamonzev Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Arte Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Artur Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Contrast Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Ikar Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
One Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Resonance Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Sofia Press Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
SOHO, Sofia, Bulgaria
San Stefano Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Synthesis Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Finesse Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Shmirgela Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Urbano Gallery, Mendoza, Argentina
Arka Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
Kaire-Desine Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
Gallery of the Union of Lithuanian Graphic Arts, Lithuania
“B” Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
“CA” Gallery, Munakata, Japan
Kobun Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Keiko Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Nekogameya Gallery, Osaka, Japan
“Space S” Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Tamaya Gallery, Ogawamachi, Tokyo, Japan
Fabrika 126, Sofia, Bulgaria

Media partners

BTA – Bulgarian News Agency
Bulgarian National Television
Alma Mater TV
Bulgarian National Radio
Jazz FM
Darik Radio
Radio “My Bulgaria”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Braille FM

Novinar Newspaper
8 Magazine
Eva Magazine
Nash Dom Magazine
“One Week in Sofia” Magazine
My Destination
View Sofia
Sofia Live

Educational institutions

Dept. of Art History and Dept. of Slavic Languages, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
European Polytechnic University, Pernik, Bulgaria
The University of Mendoza, Department of Visual Arts, Mendoza, Argentina
The University of Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation, Sao Paulo, Brazil
University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland
Brazilian University of Art, Brazil
University of Osaka – Kyoku, Osaka, Japan
Fengxian University, Shanghai, China
National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
National Academy of Music, Sofia, Bulgaria
National Academy of Arts, Theather and Film, Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, Bulgaria
New Bulgarian University (NBU), Sofia, Bulgaria
Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria
National High School of Applied Arts “St. Luka”, Sofia, Bulgaria
National College for Fine Arts “Iliya Petrov”, Sofia, Bulgaria
144 “Narodni buditeli” Secondary School, Sofia, Bulgaria
18th High School “William Gladstone”, Sofia, Bulgaria
138th Secondary School “Prof. Vasil Zlatarski”, Sofia, Bulgaria
Vasil Levski Secondary School, Ruse, Bulgaria
Private Secondary School “Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi”, Sofia, Bulgaria
Kizuna, Varna, Bulgaria


Ariel Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria
La Strada Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria
NATFA Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Lumagi Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria
Sfumato Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria
State Puppet Theatre – Sliven, Bulgaria
State Puppet Theatre – Vidin, Bulgaria
Sofia Puppet Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria
199 Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria

Private companies

Astellas Pharma
Bikam Ltd.
Europapier AD
Katarzyna Estate
Mazda Bulgaria
Mondi Group
Makhaya – Art & Culture Development, Soutn Africa
Printing House “Rakurs”
Papyrus Ltd.
Hotel “Arena di Serdica”
Hotel “Arte”
White Brotherhood Society
Winery Preslav
Winery Katarzyna
Winery Minkov Brothers

DB Schenker
FPI Hotels
Number One
One Two