About the foundation

The Amateras Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established under the Bulgarian "Non-profit Legal Entities Act" and carrying out its activities in accordance with the Bulgarian and the international legislation in cooperation with Bulgarian and foreign, public and private organizations. The activities of the Foundation are for private benefit, but all projects aim to benefit the the society and the creation of quality cultural product.
1. Presents contemporary Bulgarian art and innovations in Bulgaria and abroad
2. Presents foreign contemporary art in Bulgaria
3. Organizes cultural and art events for professional and wide audience
4. Builds intercultural exchange
5. Carries out activities with social contribution
6. Develops educational and research activities in the field of contemporary art
7. Annually provides the public with multidisciplinary event on a large public scale – a festival for contemporary art.

Development of innovative and retrospective contemporary Bulgarian art projects. Placing Bulgaria on the world cultural map with its achievements, cultural heritage and contemporary art.

Presenting Bulgaria at world forums through contemporary art. Establishing lasting partnerships and a network of organizations and artists at home and abroad, with museums, galleries, universities and NGOs in the field of visual arts. Building long-term exchange projects with partner organisations. Reaching out the Bulgarian diaspora in various distant countries to restore the Bulgarian spirit and identity through culture and art.

1. Stimulating the creativity, supporting the talents and alternative personal fulfilment for people of different occupations, ages and social circles.
2. Development of the creative potential and the professional development in various innovative and unpopular spheres of art.
3. Assisting artists to promote their art in all its forms.
4. Cultural development of children and adolescents by provoking their creative thinking and discovering a different view of contemporary values.
5. Public presentation of works of art aiming to touch the audience with beauty and spiritual energy, and create opportunities for creative pursuits.

To achieve the listed objectives, the Foundation:
1. organizes, funds and participates in national and international projects and events;
2. organizes, finances and conducts creative competitions, training programs, seminars, creative studios for free activity and potential development;
3. holds seminars, congresses, conferences, discussions, plein airs, workshops and courses;
4. collects and provides information on projects in the field of art;
5. creates a network of contacts with related Bulgarian, foreign and international organizations;
6. attracts prominent artists and professionals to support the Foundation's activities and provides artist-in-residence exchanges.

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