Theatre and Film

The Theatre and Film section is unusual for paper art. It was created by the organizers with the desire to show the enormous possibilities and different uses of paper, not only as a material, but also as an invention and an expressive medium with its own specific, pictorial language. In theatre, animation and cinema, paper is rarely used, but there are many striking examples in these arts, where set designers and directors look to this specific medium to achieve the suggestion they are looking for in their projects.

Over the years, many vivid works have been presented thanks to director Katya Petrova, known for her innovative vision and unconventional approach to puppetry. At the same time, theatre companies such as La Strada, Lumagi, Tsvete and Elephant are very often tempted to work with this material and achieve remarkable results in terms of visual and aural suggestion. Over the years there have been exhibitions of work by the Puppetry Scenography and Performances Department by the Puppetry School at NATFA, where the teachers have stimulated this new approach to theatre.
In all editions of Sofia Paper Art Fest, this section occupies an important place, challenging a new understanding of paper art. At the same time, in the travelling formats, trailers of the theatre performances arouse the huge interest of the audience and create new friends of this art.

Nowadays, in puppetry and drama theatre, paper as a medium is attractive for the creation of costumes and scenography, which enriches the visual language and suggestion sought.