Paper Art Academy

This section presents exhibitions with emerging artists. Every year the Sofia Paper Art Fest programme includes at least one exhibition stimulating debuts of young artists, group exhibitions from schools and higher education institutions united by the medium of paper art.

Over the years, exhibitions have featured graduates of the National Academy of Arts, NATFA, NBU, St. Luke's National School of Applied Arts, Ilia Petrov National School of Fine Arts, and schools with advanced study of visual arts. Various NGOs and educational structures from the country and abroad were involved as partners of the festival with participating demonstrators from Japan, Scotland, Israel, Germany, France and Finland. Over the years, cultural institutes from France, Germany, the Czech Republic and China have participated.

In this section, the educational element is the most significant, which is why within these exhibitions, workshops are often held with established artists demonstrating and giving lectures to develop and enrich the knowledge and skills of the audience. Paper Art Academy aims to assist in their development and their independent growth as artists in the various arts.