Exchange and Guest Exhibitions

The section for exchange and guest exhibitions takes a great role in the Sofia Paper Art Fest programme over the years. After the first edition, many of Amateras Foundation's foreign partners have shown active interest in presenting exhibitions of works shown at SPAF as guest formats in their countries. At the same time, they offered to present their own curated exhibitions in editions of the festival or to create joint exhibitions.

This trend of exchanges and partnership initiatives, creates an overall network of organizations that, together with Amateras Foundation, care for the promotion of paper art. Over the years, Sofia Paper Art Fest has been the reason for exchange projects with Argentina, Brazil, Ireland, Lithuania, France and at the same time has developed the Bulgarian-Finnish Art Project and the Bulgaria-Japan Project. Guest exhibitions are held by IAPMA, NEXUS (Japan), the Association of the Lithuanian Artists, the Association of Cypriot Artists Working with Paper and Atelier Elora (Brazil).

In 2018, in a special edition of the SPAF dedicated to the Bulgarian Presidency of the Parliament of EU, the festival hosted the IAPMA Congress. In this edition, the main focus was on the IAPMA guest exhibitions and the festival's travelling exchange exhibitions in Brazil, Finland, Japan and Kosovo.

Since its foundation, this section has presented Bulgaria in different parts of the world with exhibitions carrying environmental and humanitarian messages from the world of paper art. Exhibitions have been presented in world forums such as Lucca Biennale Cartasia (Italy), Paper Art Biennial in Be'er Sheva (Israel), Chaine De Papier (France) and Biennial Fengxian (China).