Paper Art Biennial

In 2011, Sofia Paper Art Fest was founded with the idea to show the huge variety and possibilities of paper art. The most important and ambitious section in this first edition of the festival is the Biennial for Paper Art. This is a section based on a curatorial principle for the selection of works.

The Biennial for Paper Art presents achievements and innovations in large-scale works. Each edition is dedicated to the specific concept of the festival and has its own unique structure. The Biennial is the largest section in the individual editions of the festival. It brings together curatorial, guest and exchange events. The exhibitions are presented in specially selected locations – museums, galleries, art centres and public spaces.

Each edition is carefully considered in relation to its objectives and the selected exhibitions. The exhibitions in some editions highlight the characteristics of particular geographical areas and artists with their specific techniques and ideas. In other editions there is a general topic and the works are selected for specific locations, subordinate to the festival concept. The unifying feature of all editions is the large-scale exhibitions.