Art in Urban Environment

The Art in the Urban Environment section appeared in the very first edition of the SPAF. It periodically presents in the festival programme projects or individual works bringing new ideas related to urban culture and the public's attitude to art in urban environment.

This section has presented works in open urban areas as a possible idea for a different approach to urban culture. At the same time, it has presented lectures and theories about art in the urban environment, bringing a new understanding of paper and its unlimited possibilities in urban space.

The topic of art in the urban environment is very significant worldwide and this issue has been discussed in different editions of the festival by experts, researchers, architects, design studios, art historians, NGOs, professional associations and municipal structures.

In some editions, this section is the most significant as a message to the audience. Lectures, films, publications, research, discussions and presentations on these important topics for society are presented, which provokes new ideas and unconventional solutions, inspiring the authors working in this field.