Bulgarian-German Exchange Project


The project

The project is a long-term exchange between Bulgaria and Germany. It was initiated by Amateras Foundation as a continuation of a long-standing collaboration with artists and organizations related to or based in Germany. The project was part of the program of Sofia Paper Art Fest 2022. Important priorities of it are the sculpture and the new tendencies in this field of visual arts. The new technologies are beginning to change the perception of sculpture and the creation of new types of works.

Over the years, sculptors have participated in numerous projects of the Foundation, showing a keen interest in presenting sculptural projects and realizations in interiors or in the urban environment. There are many issues related to innovation and the changing urban environment.

Thus, the idea for a larger project exploring innovation in sculpture was naturally born, starting in 2020 within the framework of Sofia Paper Art Fest. A meeting between Daniela Todorova and Verena Friedrich, curators and members of IAPMA, helped to develop this idea. Other foreign organizations were involved – Sculpture Network, Cartasia and NEXUS.

In 2022 the groundwork is being set for an exchange project under the umbrella of Sofia Paper Art Fest. A number of events are planned and realized in Sofia and Pavlikeni, addressing the topics central to the project: residency, exhibitions, presentations, lectures, workshops, interviews, discussions, etc. More than 40 artists from both countries are presented in different formats.

The project is realized with the financial support of the “Visual Arts '21” Program of the National Culture Fund and is part of the Cultural Calendar of the City of Pavlikeni.

Events and exhibitions

For 2022 – 2024 various events are planned in Bulgaria and Germany:


Residency-plein air “Pavlikeni and the World”, Pavlikeni Municipality (2 July – 9 July);
Discussion “The Innovations in Sculpture”, Pavlikeni Municipality (4 July);
Lectures about “Elemental Sculpture”, Todor Todorov, Pavlikeni Municipality (5 July);
Exhibition “East-West”, part of “Pavlikeni and the World” with artists from both countries, sculptures, installations and paper art, Community Centre “Bratstvo – 1884”, Pavlikeni (7 July – 2 September);
Workshop for children with artists from both countries and children from the art ateliers at the History Museum – Pavlikeni (5 July); 
Exhibition „East-West“, sculptures and installations with light, artists from both countries, Finesse Gallery, Sofia (10 November – 3 December);
Presentation and interviews by all participants in the project „East-West“, Finesse Gallery, Sofia (11 November);
Lecture “Innovations in Urban Environment”, Todor Todorov, Finesse Gallery, Sofia (12 November);
Discussion “The New Technologies in Sculpture”, Finesse Gallery, Sofia (12 November);
Presentation of Sculpture Network, Verena Friedrich, Finesse Gallery, Sofia (12 November);
Presentation of IAPMA, Cartasia and NEXUS, Daniela Todorova, Finesse Gallery, Sofia (12 November).


Amateras Foundation expresses its gratitude to all participants playing a role in this project:

Bulgaria: Todor Todorov, Daniela Todorova, Valentin Bakardjiev, Anna Boyadjieva, Snejana Simeonova, Mihael Artamontzev, Adelina Rakovska, Tsveta Petrova, Krasimira Drenska, Bruno David and Branimira Branicheva.

Germany: Verena Friedrich, Irene Hoppenberg, Lore Galitz, Beate Wörz, Helmut Friedrich, Sofia Nordmann, Ines Seidel, Ilka Raupach, Oksana Bergen and Ute Krautkremer.


Amateras Foundation is extremely grateful to all institutions, structures and spaces that supported this project:

National Culture Fund
Sofia Municipality
Pavlikeni Municipality
History Museum – Pavlikeni, Bulgaria
Community Centre “Bratstvo – 1884”, Pavlikeni, Bulgaria
Finesse Gallery
IAPMA, Munich, Germany
Sculpture Network, Munich, Germany
CARTASIA, Lucca, Italy
NEXUS, Fukuoka, Japan
Communication Sans Frontières, France/Bulgaria