Past. Present. Future.

Past. Present. Future.

The project

The project was devised on the principle of exchange between Bulgaria and Lithuania. It was launched in 2010 by Amateras Foundation and curators from the Lithuanian Artists' Association. The idea was supported by the Bulgarian embassy in Lithuania which collaborated actively to the communication between the two organizations.

The first event, the solo exhibition of Daniela Todorova titled Light and Shadow at the Artists’ Association Gallery Vilnius, was followed by a plein air at Meteliai Regional Park, Lithuania. The meeting with colleagues and curators from the Lithuanian Artists’Association contributed to the planning of future events.

What followed were two exhibitions of graphic art in the two countries.
The first one, Contemporary Lithuanian Graphic Art, was held at the Archaeological Museum in Varna and marked the 75th anniversary of the Lithuanian Artists' Association. The retrospective exhibition presented the most remarkable Lithuanian graphic artists from the circle of professionals in Lithuania. This was a panorama of Lithuanian graphic art, a variety of genres and styles, dominating artistic lines and trends at the same time, collectively being the first ever exhibition of graphic art of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association in Bulgaria.
The second exhibition was held in 2011 at the VGMC Kairė-dešinė Gallery with the Lithuanian Artists’ Association and presented contemporary Bulgarian graphic art. The gallery concentrates on exhibiting graphic art.
The exhibition focused on noted Bulgarian artists distinguished by identical style and technique.
The success of the two exhibitions conditioned the continuation of the project in 2013 in the form of two large-scale paper art exhibitions. The events were hosted by Sofia Paper Art Fest where the Lithuanian authors were presented in the Biennial for Paper Art.

The exchange continued with a visiting exhibition of Bulgarian and foreign works from the Amateras collection at the Arka Gallery in Vilnius. Past. Present. Future left a brilliant trace with its contribution to intercultural dialogue and far-reaching revelation of contemporary art.

Curatorial team:
Daniela Todorova
Regina Urboniene
Eglė Bertašienė
Dovile Tomkute
Jurga Minčinauskienė

The events under Past. Present. Future were organized under the auspices of:
H.E. Ivan Danchev, Ambassador of Bulgaria to Lithuania
H.E. Valdas Steponavicius, Ambassador of Lithuania to Bulgaria
H.E. Darius Gaidys, Ambassador of Lithuania to Bulgaria

Events and exhibitions

The events organized in the two countries were held in Sofia, Vilnius and Meteliai Regional Park:


Exhibition “Paper – Tradition and Experiment”, Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Arka Gallery, Vilnius (October 1st – 22nd).
Exhibition “Lithuanian Art” within the programme of Sofia Paper Art Fest, Photosynthesis Gallery, Sofia (April 2nd – June 2nd).


Exhibition “Contemporary Bulgarian Graphic Arts” with presentation by Daniela Todorova, Kairė-dešinė Gallery, Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Vilnius (May 17th – June 17th).


A solo exhibition “Light and Shadow” by Daniela Todorova, Gallery of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Vilnius (July 22nd – August 22nd).
Plein air for Lithuanian artists, Metelia (August 7th – 17th).
Exhibition “Contemporary Lithuanian Graphic Arts” with lecture by Regina Urboniene, Archeological Museum, Varna (September 28th – October 28th).


Amateras Foundation expresses its gratitude to all the participants in the project:

Bulgaria: Todor Todorov, Daniela Todorova, Vesa Kravaeva, Stefan Bojkov, Aleksandra Chaushova, Petur Chuklev, Veliko Marinchevski, Hristo, Gaberov, Irma Vodeva, Maria Duhteva, Vladimir Chukich, Lyubomir Krustev and Emanuela Kovac.

Lithuania: Rimtautas Gibavičius, Stasys Krasauskas, Algimantas Puipa,Viktorija Daniliauskaitė,Elvyra Katalina Kriaučiūnaitė, Jūratė Stauskaitė, Nijolė Šaltenytė, Birute Stančikaitė, Laisvydė Šalčiūtė, Tadas Gindrėnas , Raminta Šumskytė Sum, Adasa Skliutauskaitė, Irena Daukšaitė Guobienė, Mikalojus Povilas Vilutis, Kęstutis Grigaliūnas, Egidijus Rudinskas, Petras Repšys, Roberta Vaigeltaitė-Vasiliūnienė, Kęstutis Vasiliūnas, Eduardas Juchnevičius, Tatjana Diščenko, Antanina Ramunė and Stasys Aukštuolis.


Amateras Foundation is extremely grateful to all institutions, structures and spaces that supported this project:

Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria;
National Culture Fund, Bulgaria;
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgaria;
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lithuania;
Ministry of Culture, Lithuania;
Embassy of Bulgaria to Lithuania;
Embassy of Lithuania to Bulgaria;
Varna Municipality;
Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Vilnius;
Archeological Museum, Varna, Bulgaria;
Photosynthesis Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Kairė-dešinė Gallery, Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Vilnius
Arka Gallery, Vilnius.