Bulgarian-Argentinian Art Project

Bulgarian-Argentinian Art Project

The project

In 2018, during Bulgaria’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Amateras Foundation initiated an exchange project to present Bulgarian culture in Argentina and Argentinian culture in Bulgaria. The first events were organized with the assistance of Leticia Burgos, participant in Sofia Paper Art Fest, member of IAPMA, the Visual Arts Department at the National University of Cuyo in Mendoza and the Culture Department at Mendoza Municipality.

Amateras Foundation presented Bulgaria and its cultural heritage with exhibitions and discussions by the means of contemporary art and sculpture. This event attracted the Civil Association of Bulgarians in Argentina based in Buenos Aires in the person of Aksinia Ivanova and Eng. Ivan Tsankov.

The project continued with the presentation of Argentinian artists in Bulgaria and Bulgarian authors in Argentina in 2019. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, only one of the planned events was held in 2020. The rest were rescheduled for 2023.

From the very beginning, the Embassy of Argentina in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture hailed the initiative and supported the first events. The interest which the project drew allowed all partnering organisations to plan events in Sofia, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, the Province of Chaco and the city of Pavlikeni. The project envisages exchange exhibitions, plein airs, symposia, screenings of documentaries about Bulgarians of note in Argentina, presentations and lectures.
The scope of the project and the flawless communication promise that a permanent exchange and connections with the Bulgarian diaspora in Argentina will be established.

Curatorial team:
Daniela Todorova
Leticia Burgos
Lali Tante

The Bulgarian-Argentinian Art Project was implemented under the patronage of H.E. Alberto Alfredo Manuel Trueba, Ambassador of Argentina to Bulgaria.

Events and exhibitions

The events in the two countries were held in Sofia and Mendoza:


Due to the unforeseen circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the presentation of the Argentine artists Leticia Burgos, Marina Ramazzi, Dino Andrada, Esteban Grimi, Cartobal Farmache, Rodrigo Barroso and Sergio Rosas is postponed for 2023*.

* Postponed events, that had been planned for 2020 and 2021, suppose to happen in 2023:
Exhibition “Argentine Art”, Kvadrat 500, National Gallery, Sofia.
Exhibition, plein air and workshop, Cultural Centre Pavlikeni.
Project by Leonardo Gotlib within the programme of Sofia Paper Art Fest, Triangular Tower of Serdika Exhibition Space, Regional History Museum, Sofia.
Exhibition and workshop by Leticia Burgos within the programme of Sofia Paper Art Fest, San Stefano Gallery.
Exhibition that presents contemporary art from Bulgaria and Argentina, Mendoza.
Sculptural Symposium, Chaco province, Argentina.
Screenings of a movie about Mario Nestorov by Aksinia Ivanova and Ivan Tsankov.
Screenings of documentary movies and presentation by Aksinia Ivanova and Ivan Tsankov.


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, only one event from the exchange project was organised: Exhibition “Ancient Messages”, Urbano Gallery, Mendoza, Argentina (February 27th – March 27th).
Exhibition “Amateras Annual Exhibition/Competition for Paper Art”, Sofia Paper Art Fest, National Palace of Culture, Sofia (June 10th – 29th).
The remaining events are postponed for 2023.


Exhibition “Ancient Messages”, El Espacio le Parc Art Centre, Mendoza, Argentina (June 6th – 29th).
Exhibition “Elemental Sculpture”, El Espacio le Parc Art Centre, Mendoza (June 6th – 29th).
Lecture “Ancient Messages”, Visual Arts Department, University of Mendoza, Argentina (June 9th).
Lecture “Elemental Sculpture”, University of Mendoza, Faculty of Fine Arts, Argentina (June 9th).
Lecture “Paper Innovations”, University of Mendoza, Faculty of Fine Arts, Mendoza (June 9th).
Exhibition “Impressions from Argentina”, Sofia Paper Art Fest, San Stefano Gallery (May 8th – 28th).


Exhibition “Amateras Annual Exhibition/Competition for Paper Art”, Sofia Paper Art Fest, National Palace of Culture (April 12th – May 19th).


Amateras Foundation expresses its gratitude to all participants in this project:

Argentina: Leticia Burgos, Leonardo Gotleyb, Alejandra Koreck, Isabel Barbuzza, Silvana Blasbalg, Cristobal Farmache, Dino Andrada, Esteban Grimi, Martin Villalonga, Sergio Selis, Rodrigo Barroso, Marina Ramazzi and Cartobal Farmache.

Bulgaria: Todor Todorov, Daniela Todorova, Tsveta Petrova, Aksinia Petrova, Ivan Tsankov.


Amateras Foundation is extremely grateful to all institutions, structures and spaces that supported this project:

Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria;
National Culture Fund, Bulgaria;
Embassy of Argentina to Bulgaria;
Sofia Municipality, Bulgaria;
Mendoza Municipality, Argentina;
Chaco Province, Argentina;
El Espacio le Parc Art Centre, Mendoza, Argentina;
National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Kvadrat 500, National gallery, Sofia;
Triangular Tower of Serdica Exhibition Space, Regional History Museum – Sofia, Bulgaria;
Urbano Gallery, Mendoza, Argentina;
San Stefano Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Pavlikeni Cultural Centre, Bulgaria;
University of Mendoza, Visual Arts Department, Argentina;
Asociación Civil “Los Bulgaros”, Buenos Aires, Argentina;
Radio “My Bulgaria”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.