The Bulgarian-Finnish Art Project

The project

The project aimed to develop European cultural dialogue between Bulgaria and Finland. Artists from both countries participated in exchanges involving exhibitions and artists visits. Dozens of events over the years developed lasting cultural relations between the two countries parallel to the professional participation of the artists. Their fields of work ranged from painting and sculpture to graphics and paper art. Gradually, over the years the project was established as a forum for the presentation of contemporary art, stimulating humane and environmental messages, developing long-standing relationships between artists and institutions in both countries.

With its enormous potential, the Finnish-Bulgarian Art Project laid the foundations for future exchange initiatives. Having proven its contribution with its history exceeding a decade, the project is a beneficial element in the cultural life of Bulgaria and Finland.

Curatorial team:
Daniela Todorova
Liisa Malkamo

The events in the Finnish-Bulgarian Art Project were organized under the auspices of:
H.E. Plamen Bonchev, Ambassador of Bulgaria to Finland
H.E. Lubomir Todorov, Ambassador of Bulgaria to Finland
H.E. Martin Ivanov, Ambassador of Bulgaria to Finland
H.E. Kauko Jämsén, Ambassador of Finland to Bulgaria
H.E. Tarja Laitiainen, Ambassador of Finland to Bulgaria
H.E. Harri Salmi, Ambassador of Finland to Bulgaria

Events and exhibitions

The over twenty events held so far were held on Bulgarian territory in Sofia, Varna, Dobrich, and Pavlikeni, and in Finland in Helsinki, Vaasa, Seinajoki, Rovaniemi, Kuusankoski and Alajarvi:


• Exhibition “Paper Innovations” along with lecture “Elemental Sculpture” on the occasion of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of EU, Gallery of The Helsinki City Library (April 5th – 25th).
• Exhibition “Ancient Messages” within the initiative “Art Sauna” on the occasion of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of EU, The Embassy of Bulgaria in Finland, Helsinki (October 15th – 30th).


• Exhibition “Bulgaria – Finland”, Pavlikeni Municipality, Bulgaria (July 7th – August 7th).
• Plein air “Bulgaria – Finland”, Pavlikeni Municipality (July 1st – 7th).


• Lecture and presentation of the project and its development, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi (April 2nd – 3rd).


• Exhibition “Messages of Light”, work of Finnish artists in the Biennial for Paper Art, Sofia Paper Art Fest, Sofia City Art Gallery (May 16th – June 2nd).
• Exhibition “Northern Art” curated by Liisa Malkamo for the Biennial for Paper Art, Sofia Paper Art Fest, Forum Art Centre (May 8th – June 2nd).


• Plein air and visit of the Nelimarkka Museum, Alajarvi (August 18th – 28th).
• Exhibition, Nelimarkka Museum, Alajarvi (August 28th – September 24th).
• Plein air “Bulgaria – Finland”, Pavlikeni Municipality (June 29th – July 6th).
• Exhibition “Bulgaria – Finland”, History Museum, Pavlikeni (July 6th – August 6th).
• Exhibition, Georgi Velchev Museum, Varna (September 20th – October 12th).


• Finnish artists participated in the Biennial for Paper Art, Arena di Serdica Exhibition Space (May 3rd – June 3rd).
• Exhibition curated by Liisa Malkamo, National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia (May 14th – April 4th).


• Exhibiton, City Gallery, branch of Pohjanmaan Museum, Vaasa (October 8th – 31st).


• Exhibition, City Art Gallery at the Alvar Aalto Cultural Centre, Seinajoki (April 4th – May 3rd).
• Exhibiton, Sredets Gallery, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sofia (October 1st -10th).
• Exhibition, Lessedra Gallery, Sofia (October 5th -31st).


• Exhibition, Gallery for Paper Art, Verla Museum (UNESCO), Kuusankoski (August 12th -31st).
• Exhibition, National Gallery, Sofia (October 9th – November 2nd).
• Exhibition, Art Gallery, Dobrich (November 12th – December 11th).
• Caisa International Cultural Centre, Helzinki (December 3rd – 18th).


Amateras Foundation expresses its gratitude to all the participants in this project:

Bulgaria: Daniela Todorova, Todor Todorov, Stoimen Stoilov, Milko Bozhkov, Veselin Nachev, Valentin Balev.

Finland: Liisa Malkamo, Elina Forsti, Laina Koskela, Meri Pauniaho, Jimmi Puuli, Tiina Lamminen, Sakke Peltola, Laura Lehenkari, Tuomas Hallivuo, Vilija Lioranciene, Marja Junnikkala, Aino Kajaniemi, Eeva-Liisa Isomaa, Jaakko Rönkkö and Merja Winqvist.


Amateras Foundation is extremely grateful to all institutions, structures and spaces that supported this project:

Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria;
National Culture Fund, Bulgaria;
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgaria;
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland;
Embassy of Bulgaria to Finland;
Embassy of Finland to Bulgaria;
Alajarvi Province;
Sofia Municipality, Bulgaria;
Pavlikeni Municipality, Bulgaria;
Frame, Helsinki;
Caisa International Cultural Centre, Helzinki;
Nelimarkka Museum, Alajarvi;
Verla Museum (UNESCO), Kuusankoski;
City Gallery, branch of Pohjanmaan Museum, Vaasa;
University of Lapland, Rovaniemi;
National Gallery, Sofia;
National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
City Art Gallery at the Alvar Aalto Cultural Centre, Seinajoki;
Helsinki City Library;
“Forum” Art Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Sredets Gallery, Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria;
“Georgi Velchev” Museum, Varna, Bulgaria;
Art Gallery, Dobrich, Bulgaria;
Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Nelimarkka Museum, Alajarvi.