‘Collages 66’
Zorina Milkovska's exhibition

The fourth exhibition, part of the official program of Sofia Paper Art Fest 2021, is a solo exhibition by Zorina Milkovska. You can join us on the 15th June (Tuesday) from 17:30h. at ‘Contrast’ Gallery (49 Tsar Samuil St.)!

This is the first time the festival visits the elegant space of the gallery snug in the old part of the city center – a place best known for its presentation of elite contemporary Bulgarian artists.
The project ‘Collages 66’ was planned for the previous edition of the festival (SPAF 2020), but due to the COVID-19restrictions, it was delayed for the present edition.

‘Collages66’ is the debut solo exhibition of Zorina Milkovska at Sofia Paper Art Fest. Her long-standing credo is related to a different field of visual arts, but in recent years paper art has turned into her passion. She is best known for her works in both ceramics and light related to ancient ritual objects. And this project comes as a surprise to all that know her work well. The project ‘Collages 66’is a result of a creative period in search for the new, the experiment and the intuitive pursuit of the creative spirit.

This is what the artist has to say about the collection:
„… My experience with paper as a material that can express an idea was new and surprising. In all my creative path, I have applied ceramic techniques through the use of earth, water and fire - all elements that require respect and consideration. Communicating and taming them is hard, risky, sometimes satisfying and sometimes frustrating. Suddenly, by a strange coincidence, I came across paper as a means of expression. The advantages of working with paper is the fastness of the process, the low resistance and independent will of the material. This doesn’t mean it is easy, oh, definitely not. The idea of creating something is somehow far from logic. This is an inner need and a path full of difficulties, compliance with the material and above all – humility.’

The exhibition can be viewed Monday through Saturday, from 11:00h. – 19:00h., and Sunday from 11:00h. – 18:00h., from the 15th – 30th June2021 at ‘Contrast’ Gallery.

published on 11.06.2021