The exhibition "Unspoken" is a curated selection of works from the Amateras Collection, featuring abstract paper works. It is situated at San Stefano gallery and it will be open to public between May 12 and June 8, 2022.

This is the third exhibition of the Paper Art Biennial 2022, which features works that send unobtrusive messages to the viewer. Abstract art, pure geometry and monochrome stylistics always evoke the question "What is the message of the artist?". Most of these messages are hidden and this allows the audience to finish what is unspoken in their own interaction with the work. Each artist hasher/his own personal philosophy and view of her/his surrounding, buts/he expresses them delicately, with minimal means.

The selection features 16 artists from 10 countries. The following artists have been selected for this exhibition: Yuko Nishimura, Shoko Fukuda, Ayako Abe-Miller, Yoshio Hasegawa, Noriko Amano, Miki Nakamura, Kiyoshi Yunohara from Japan; Snejana Simeonova from Bulgaria; Richard Sweeney from UK; Jeannine De Raeymaecker from Belgium; Priscilla Robinson from USA; Josephine Temin from Mexico; Miriam Londoño from Colombia, Jimmy Pulli from Finland; Margareta Mannervik from Sweden, and Jean-Michel Letellier – from France.

The exhibition will be opened by Ms. Vesela Kondakova, Deputy Minister of Culture in Bulgaria.

The project is part of the Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia Municipality for 2022 and it is realized with the support of: Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria, NFC – “Visual Arts” and “One-Year Grant” Programs.

published on 27.04.2022