The Old New

The exhibition is the second curatorial selection of artworks from Amateras Collection. The exposition will be on view at the exhibition hall “Triangular Tower of Serdica” between May 10 and June 6, 2022.

In the current situation of difficult logistics due to the Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine, many artists around the world are seriously prevented from participating in international events. Therefore, the Amateras Foundation have decided to organize a retrospection during the Biennial, representing awarded and donated artworks from Amateras Collection that have participated in Sofia Paper Art Fest and in Amateras Annual Competition/Exhibition for Paper Art.

The artworks send messages of affirming human values and preserving peace and security on the planet. Human history has always been accompanied by hardships and Helen Frederick's installation “Hungry Ghosts” is a reflection of the souls that got lost in the Vietnam War. Irene Rammensee's figurative objects are in dialogue with the installations by Renate Schweizer and Daniela Todorova, opening up the topic about the human, her/his life phases and her/his relationship with nature. Sumiko Tasaka's silently frozen installation completes this dialogue and draws attention to Marianne Colombani's installation, a sentimental revelation about tradition, family and the difficult path in the past times of Europe. Adelina Rakovska's levitating object creates an additional sense of passing through time and space, directing us to Marcelle Benhamou's installation, which left its revelation in old pages from archival diaries.

The selection features artworks by 15 artists from 6 countries, which transcend geography and culture, and resonate as a holistic message of well-being and peace.

The exhibition will be opened by Ms. Vesela Kondakova, Deputy Minister of Culture in Bulgaria.

The project is part of the Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia Municipality for 2022 and it is realized with the support of: Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria, NFC – “Visual Arts” and “One-Year Grant” Programs.

published on 25.04.2022