Sun Dance

The kinetic sculpture ‘Sun Dance’, made by Todor Todorov and moved by the force of wind, is a project for urban spaces initiated by Amateras Foundation. The plastic art resembles both the movement of the solar disk, a Japanese symbol, and the long-standing friendly ties with Bulgaria. The project is realized with the immense support of Sofia Municipality and the Japanese Embassy in Bulgaria, private organizations and individuals connected to Japan.

The opening event is the closing event of the annual ‘Days of Japanese Culture in Bulgaria’ 2020. The official opening event will be held on the 20th from 12:30h. under the patronage of the Ambassador of Japan to Bulgaria, H.E. Hiroshi Narahira, special guests include officials from Sofia Municipality, Ministry of inferior, Japanese-Bulgarian Friendship Association, business representatives, cultural organizations working in the field of Japanese culture and arts.

‘Sun Dance’ is a kinetic work first of its kind - elemental sculpture in a park area in Bulgaria. The sculpture is a result of an original theory by Todor Todorov explaining the relationship between the sculpture and natural elements. The theory is published in Bulgarian by Altera Publishing house and in English by the Cambridge University press.

The sculpture ‘Sun Dance’ is installed permanently at the beginning of the ‘Lover’s bridge’, near the National Palace of Culture, in front of Hilton Hotel in Sofia. The space resembles a small island right in the heart of the pedestrian zone surrounded by green where one can observe in quiet. The venue will be used later for annual events celebrating Japanese culture and Japanese-Bulgarian friendly relationships.

The project is supported by:
Embassy of Japan in Bulgaria, Sofia Municipality, Creative Assembly, TAKEDA, ASTELAS, Geotehmin, KWP, JTI, MAZDA, ISE, FANUC, JAPE, Hilton, Pavlikeni Municipality, Blagoevgrad Municipality, Zaltisa Municipality, АIKI SCHOOL, YUMEIHO CLUB, KAGETSU, AIKI BUDO, SHINBUKAN, SOGA, БХС, Dobrinka Dancheva, Violeta Dancheva, Violeta and Yavor Kostovi, Emanuil Manolov, Eleonora Koleva, Milena Stanoeva Vende and Radoslav Dimitrov. 

published on 10.11.2020