Soul and Matter
a solo exhibition
of Leticia Burgos

A long-awaited exhibition of the Argentinian artist Leticia Burgos will be presented in the Mission gallery between July 6 and July 28 as part of Sofia paper Art Fest 2023. The exhibition will present a rare selection of works on handmade paper and an intricate combination of different techniques and textures as well as the artist's explorations through the great diversity in the dialogue between colour and form. The flow from strong structures to subtle, abstract and figurative images, creates a sense of the immense power of the message woven by the artist. Her characteristic powerful etchings, interwoven with reliefs and structures, create a sense of movement and spirituality of matter.

Leticia Burgos is a well-known author in the field of paper art and a member of The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA). She has contributed enormously to the development of this art in her country and, as a university lecturer at the University of Mendoza, has attracted a number of young artists to this new field of contemporary art. Her specialization in the United States early in her artistic career focused on ukiyo-e. This famous Japanese technique, woodblock printmaking, refracted through Leticia Burgos' different worldview, left a deep mark on Argentine printmaking and paper art.

A few years ago the festival launched an exchange project between Bulgaria and Argentina, with Leticia Burgos as curator and participant on the Argentinian side.

The exhibition is under the patronage of the Embassy of Argentina in Bulgaria and will be opened by H.E. Alfredo Atanasoff, Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina in Bulgaria.

The Mission Gallery is open to public form Monday to Friaday (10 am – 5 pm).

The event is part of the Calendar of the Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality for 2023. Organised with the financial support of the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria.

published on 05.06.2023