"Nordic Art"

From October 13 to November 5, artists from Denmark, Iceland, New Zealand, Finland and Sweden, working in the field of paper art, will be presented at Gallery Finesse. With this exhibition, Amateras Foundation launches the project “United in Art” which is focused on exchange initiatives between Northern European countries and Bulgaria.

The contemporary art of Northern Europe is known for the woven mysticism that creeps in through diffused lighting, bringing charm and mystery. Works range from prints and collages to objects, installations and sculptures.

The featured artists work in a diverse range of ideas, techniques and messages to the public, united by their humane and civic stance in the contemporary world. We live in dynamic times with many changes and serious challenges, and this is captured in most of the works through allegory or abstract messages. The war in Ukraine brings turmoil to our reality and the authors do not remain in different, but in their way focus on the human being and the preservation of harmony in the world we live in. The works send messages of humanism, affirmation of human values and preservation of peace and security of the planet.

In some of the works, man, and more specifically his personification, are built on narrative sand poems from the past and present.

The installations and sculptures contrast with two-dimensional collages, mixed media prints of different types of print, photography and drawing that tell personal stories through symbols. Intimate revelations and fateful experiences are dominant in some of the artworks.

17 artists from the 5 countries are selected: Ingve Ribel, Ida Guldhammer, Kate Skjerning, Henriette Tougaard from Denmark; Hrafn Hrólfsson, Ragnhildur Stefansdottir from Iceland; Vibeke Damgaard, Eva Sjøwall, Ellen Ringstag, Hanne Frey Husø, Kirsti Grotmol from Norway; Anna-Maija Bergman, Liisa Malkamo, Laina Koskela, Niina Keltamäki, Tuulikki Päällysaho from Finland; Margarette Mannerwik from Sweden.

The exhibition will be opened by officials of embassies and consulates from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The event is part of the Calendar of the Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality for2022 and is organised with the financial support of “Visual Arts” and “One-Year Grant” Programs of the National Culture Fund.

published on 12.10.2022