“Nomadic Landscape”
exhibition – Argentinа,
Bulgaria and Japan

Between 26.06 and 15.07 the sixth consecutive exhibition of Sofia Paper Art Fest 2023 program will present a selection of works by artists from three different cultures at the Finesse Gallery.

Amateras Foundation's new project presents the selected artists to the Sofia audience before their participation in a residency program in the city of Levski.

The title of the exhibition, Nomadic Landscape, symbolically sums up the stories of the travelling artists who strive for unity in diversity through art. The artists live in three countries, each in a different continent – Asia, Europe and Latin America. The blending of so many cultures from different parts of the world accurately conveys the humane messages of Sofia Paper Art Fest.

Artists from Argentina:
Leticia Burgos – paintings and installation objects;
Monica Sanguinetti – sculptures from natural materials such as paper and wood;
Leonardo Gotleyb – wood engravings.

Аrtists from Bulgarian:
Daniela Todorova – installation works;
Todor Todorov – interactive sculptures;
Petar Lazarov – wood engravings.

Аrtists from Japan:
Kakuko Ishii – objects specially created for this exposition;
Ichiro Matsuo – ceramic and paper objects;
Kenji Sato – large installations;
Mayumi Tsukuda – chamber objects;
Sumie Matsura – large-scale but delicate art book.

The opening will be attended by all the artists and officials from the embassies of Argentina and Japan in Bulgaria.

Finesse Gallery is open to public from Wednesday to Saturday (11 am – 7 pm).

The event is part of the Calendar of the Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality for 2023. Organised with the kind support of the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria – “One-Year Grant '22” Program.

published on 30.05.2023