New Horizons
Residence in Levski

"New Horizons" is a new international project between the Amateras Foundation and the Municipality of Levski. The ambition of the organizers is to create a collection of contemporary art as a result of an international, annual plein air with an exhibition.

The idea for this one-week residence (June 28 – July 4) was born in a dialogue on the occasion of the design and future development of the Georgi Partsalev Museum in Levski.

The artists selected for participation in the debut edition are representatives of three countries representing three continents.
Argentina: Leticia Burgos and Monica Singuinetti;
Bulgaria: Daniela Todorova, Todor Todorov and Petar Lazarov;
Japan: Kakuko Ishii, Ichiro Matsuo, Kenji Sato, Megumi Sato and Mayumi Tsukuda.

The program includes an exhibition (July 3 – September 3) at Chitalishte "Georgi Partsalev" in Levski and accompanying events:
Workshop of Kenji Sato – Japanese fans with technique "Sumi-e";
Leticia Burgos workshop – "Japanese O-kyoe Technique".

The official opening will be held in the presence of Mrs. Lyubka Alexandrova, Mayor of Levski Municipality and Mr. Shinozawa, Counselor at the Embassy of Japan.

Organizers of the event are the Amateras Foundation and the Municipality of Levski. The event is realized with the financial support of the Program "One Year Grant '22" of NFC.

published on 05.06.2023