‘Muzihiki. Innovations from Japan’
Exhibition by Kakuko Ishii

The seventh and last exhibition of the Sofia Paper Art Fest 2021, on the 32nd day from the ‘Days of Japanese culture in Bulgaria’, is a solo exhibition by artist Kakuko Ishii. The artist is awarded Grand Prix in ‘Amateras – annual exhibition/contest for paper art 2020’. The opening event will be held on 25th November 2021, Thursday, from 18:00h. at ‘Sredets’ Gallery. The exhibition can be viewed until the 8th December 2021.

In this collection Kakuko Ishii presents works that are built entirely on the spirit of conciseness and a finely measured balance between black and white colors highlighted with fiery red.

The artist is very active in the field of Bulgarian-Japanese cultural relationships. Her works represent traditional techniques served in anon-traditional manner. The artists also works as a curator in both Asia and Europe.

For her work she says:
‘My basic concept when creating a piece is as much as possible not to artificially intervene with the materials, but rather to enjoy mere nuances that can be found in their forms and textures. While working on a piece, for me the first step is the experience with the material. For now, I have been seduced by the charm of different materials and I have worked with several such as: raw wool, ramie, sisal, hand-made Japanese and Taiwan paper, Chinese paper thread, etc. In recent years, I am working primarily with Muzihiki. Muzihikiis a material that carries a specific traditional Japanese meaning since it is used in different rituals such as weddings and funerals. At the same time, the material reveals a whole new aspect of creating art by repeatedly tying knots, collecting and shaping them. In this way a whole new side of the material is revealed.
When I am working I do not necessarily imagine something concrete and that is why most of my works are carrying a symbolic meaning – I leave the perception of the forms and nuances to stir the viewer’s imagination. To some extent, the act of creation of art implies the distortion of something and its recreation into something new. I believe that in my works this idea must find its peak expression.’

‘Sredets’ Gallery is open for visitors Monday through Friday, from 09:00 to 17:30 at Blvd. ‘Aleksandar Stamboliiski’ 17.

The exhibition and her complementing catalogue are realized with the kind support of Mr. Aleksander Kerezov.

The event is organized by ‘Amateras’ Foundation with the kind support of the Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of Japan of Bulgaria.

published on 22.11.2021