Japanese Whisper

On May 31, the traditional exhibition for Japanese paper art will open at the Mazda Gallery. The gallery is a trademark in the program of Sofia Paper Art Fest and over the years it has established itself for combining the business space with artistic events by Japanese artists.

This tradition, initiated by Mazda, has had a significant impact on the cultural landscape of Sofia, attracting new audiences to cultural events that also have repercussions in Japan.

The selected works for the exhibition “Japanese Whisper“ represent different techniques and trends in the Japanese contemporary paper art. They whisper messages of preservation of the natural environment, reverence for Mother Nature and respect for the universe with the typical discretion of Japanese culture. Elegance, subtlety and beauty are just some of the characteristic qualities of the works included in this exhibition. Minimalism and virtuosic execution are hallmarks of the Japanese works.

The artists shown have participated in other exhibitions in Sofia Paper Art Fest over the years. This year the selected artists are: Kakuko Ishii, Toru Kurita, Mitsuru Kuroki, Ichiro Matsuo, Ioshiaki Kajikawa, Yoshio Ikezaki, Mitsue Ito, Miyuki Tanyama, Noriko Amano, Nobuko Ueda, Ritsuko Jinnoouchi, Sumiko Tasaka, Yuki Tsuboyama, YasukoIyanaga, and Yasuko Iyanaga.

The exhibition will be opened by Ms. Vesela Kondakova, Deputy Minister of Culture in Bulgaria.

Partners of the project are: NEXUS (Fukuoka), Embassy of Japan in Bulgaria and Mazda.

The project is part of the Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia Municipality for 2022 and it is realized with the support of: Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria, NFC – “Visual Arts” and “One-Year Grant” Programs.

published on 02.05.2022