Japanese Impressions

On October 3, as part of the 34th Days of Japanese Culture in Bulgaria, the exhibition “Japanese Impressions” will open at Mazda Gallery. As a long-standing partner of Sofia Paper Art Fest, Mazda has contributed to promoting contemporary art in business spaces and has advocated attracting new audiences by making its showroom available annually for an exhibition featuring Japanese artists.

The works selected for the exhibition reveal various techniques and tendencies in Japanese contemporary art, and artists who work in different fields will be shown. The artworks represent a wide range of media – ceramics and paper, installations, objects or entirely classical techniques, which show a new approach. Black and white dominate the exhibition, but bright colours also appear. Japan’s traditional minimalism is a hallmark of the exhibition.

The NEXUS Association, a long-time partner of Amateras Foundation, presents works by some of its members and artists who will premiere at Sofia Paper Art Fest. They will present their own experimental explorations. The project is of great importance not only for the participating artists but also for following certain trends in contemporary art in Japan.

Artists who participate in the exhibition: Kakuko Ishii, Ichiro Matsuo, Kendji Sato, Mitsuru Kuroki, Toru Kurita, Atsumi Murata, Mayumi Tsukuda, Noriko Amano, Sumie Matsuura, Nobuko Ueda, Jiyoung Moon, Yoshiaki Kajikawa.

Opening: October 3 at 6 p.m. in Mazda Showroom, 2 Arsenalski Blvd. (next to former City Center Sofia). The exhibition is on view until November 3. Opening hours: weekdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“Japanese Impressions” is part of the SPAF program and of the 34th Days of Japanese Culture in Bulgaria. The event will open in the presence of Mr. Shinozawa, Counselor at the Embassy of Japan in Bulgaria, Mr. Petar Karaivanov, General Manager of Mazda Bulgaria, and representatives of Amateras Foundation.

The project is realised with the financial support of the “One-Year Grant” Program of the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria, the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality, and the Embassy of Japan in Bulgaria.