Innovations in Urban Spaces

Amateras Foundation has created an online panel of seven lectures in video format with lecturer Todor Todorov. The main topic of the lectures is the development of sculpture starting from museum halls to their appearance in unexpected public spaces. The lectures focus on several characteristics that three-dimensional art needs to have in order to communicate naturally with the surrounding environment.

With ‘Innovations in urban spaces’ we would like to present Todor Todorov’s view to professional audiences, students, and all interested in visual arts.

Each Saturday, by the end of April, we will be presenting a new lecture.

Enjoy watching!

Introduction: Innovations in urban spaces

Lecture 1. ‘Where does sculpture live?’
Lecture 2. ‘The development of the structure of contemporary sculpture’
Lecture 3. ‘Dimensionality of sculpture’
Lecture 4. ‘Dynamics in sculpture’
Lecture 5. ‘Development of contemporary sculpture’
Lecture 6. ‘Artists using the potential of natural elements’
Lecture 7. ‘My personal experience in elemental sculpture and innovation in urban spaces’

The project is financed with the kind support of The Ministry of Culture, National Culture Fund – Visual Arts Program.

published on 01.03.2021