‘Hidden messages’
Japanese paper art
from ‘Amateras’ Collection

The official opening will be held on the 22nd September, Thursday, from 18:00h. at the Triangular Tower (Blvd. Mariа Luiza 16, Sofia 1000).

In the autumn edition of the Sofia Paper Art Fest 2021, from 22th September until 20th October, the Foundation will present a collection of awarded Japanese artists that have donated their works for the ‘Amateras’ Collection. The Museum for the history of Sofia is a long-standing partner of SPAF and the ‘Days of the Japanese Culture’. The exhibition at the Triangular Tower presents a cross point between these partnerships. The exhibition will be carried under the patronage of the Japanese Embassy of Bulgaria.

It is a longstanding tradition for SPAF to enrich the scope of artists and themes each year. At the venue - the Triangular Tower, for the second time visitors will have the pleasure to see Japanese contemporary art.

The exhibition is a selection of artworks that have been part of the series of Japanese events during the SPAF and joint initiatives of the Foundation with various Japanese organizations. Several works have been awarded in the section ‘Amateras – annual exhibition/contest for paper art.’
The exhibition ‘Hidden messages’ presents contemporary Japanese artists from various styles and backgrounds. Several artists are members and friends of the NEXUS Association. Other artists have been selected by the curator and participated in largest section of SPAF – Paper Art Biennial.

The common selection principle is the representation of contemporary Japanese art that is characterized by light style and brilliant precision. Concise and clear vision dominate. These are two of the most characteristic qualities of Japanese artists as part of their deep philosophy of creating and deifying the spirit, beauty and nature. Many of the works combine elegant unobtrusive symbolism embedded in the silence and contemplation that these works evoke in the viewer.

The organizers aim to present audiences with artworks that educate aesthetics and subtlety. Viewers, having a fascination for Japanese culture and its wonders, will enrich their understanding for contemporary Japan art and the latest trends in paper art. Common amongst several artists is the new interpretation of traditional ancient Japanese techniques that impress with their virtuoso performance. The exhibition supplements the successful SPAF editions with its messages to the audience and innovative works.

Participating artists: Iricho Mautso, Miritsuru Kuroki, Kakuko Ishii, Toru Kurita,Djong Muun, Kendji Sato, Autcumi Murata, Nobuko Weda, KihachiroNishiura, Mitsue Ito, Yasuko Iyanaga, Miki Nakamura, Yuko Nishimura, Wakako Ishisone and Maumi Tsikida.

The exhibition is part of the 32 ‘Day of Japanese culture in Bulgaria’, Autumn panel of the SPAF 2021 and it is carried under the patronage of the Japan Embassy of Bulgaria.

Welcome, we will be awaiting you!

Organizer: Amateras Foundation
Curator: Daniela Todorova

published on 08.09.2021