This project by Daniela Todorova marks her sixtieth anniversary. She is an established artist in the field of paper art, curator and founder of SofiaPaper Art Fest. This project is part of the “Solo Exhibitions” section of this year's festival program. It is dedicated to a favourite topic of the artist –light and its multilayered dimensions. The exhibition is made up of paintingsand paper panels, united by installation works with light. The combination ofpaper and relief structures adds to the impression of movement and lightness.

The exhibition is open to public between May 2 and 12 in “Sredets” Gallery,Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria.
Working hours: from Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:30.

About this project Daniela Todorova shares with us:
“The main focus of my oeuvre, regardless of the medium, is interweavingspiritual messages into symbolic works. Philosophers define the Ether(quintessence) as the highest layer of air. This almost invisible but verypowerful energy has always been the body of research in the works I create. Itis the fifth element associated with the divine. My spiritual journeys into theunknown invisible world and the encounter with that pure and gentle substance,the Ether, are part of my visions and searches in art. The messages I send arepart of meditative states of contemplation and penetrating behind the veil ofthe visible in touch with the light. Symbolism and purity are my credo,expressed through eternal silent white, crystalline structures and shimmeringmatter.

The Ether is difficult to express in a material way. It is the most subtlematter in the universe, according to the ancient alchemists. It is described inits various spiritual strands as the most invisible and important realm of theworld between humans and the Eternal Infinite.

The Ether is a living memory that carries information from antiquity to thepresent day, and when we tap into it, it presents us its priceless riches.”

Daniela Todorova has a great contribution for the promotion of the paper art, her preferredmedium. Her creative path began in the field of stained glass and she has receiveda number of awards for art in architecture – in Bulgaria and abroad. In 2008she was captivated by the possibilities of paper art in Finland and this hasdominated her work for the last 15 years. Her works are typically in naturalwhiteness and subtle structures carrying various symbolic messages.

The exhibition is realised with the financial support of “One-Year Grant” Programand is part of the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality for 2023.

published on: 02.05.2023