East-West hosted by
Pavlikeni Municipality

The new project of Amateras Foundation is focused on the exchange of art and culture between Bulgaria and Germany. The first phase, planned for 2022, starts with an event at the Pavlikeni Municipality residence in the period of July 2–8.

The residency in the town of Pavlikeni, founded by Amateras Foundation, has a ten-year history and a base suitable to boost this endeavor. The Plein Air Workshop is part of the cultural policy of Pavlikeni Municipality and over the years has gained international popularity.

German artists have been featured and awarded in previous events organised by Amateras, but here the choice of artists working in the field of sculpture and installation is the main objective: Verena Friedrich, Irene Hoppenberger, Beata Maria Wölz, Lore Galitz. On the Bulgarian side Todor Todorov, Daniela Todorova and Bruno David participated.

You can visit the exhibition between July 2 and September 2.
The official opening will take place on 07.07.2022 (Thursday), at 18:30 in the Community Centre “Bratstvo – 1884”, Pavlikeni in the presence of Engr. Emanuil Manolov, Mayor of Pavlikeni Municipality.

The organizers of the event are Amateras Foundation and Pavlikeni Municipality. The event is realized with the financial support of the “Visual Arts” Program of the National Culture Fund and the Calendar of the Cultural Events of Pavlikeni Municipality.

published on 03.06.2022