Book presentation
“Dynamics in the Visual Arts”

On December 29, 2022 at 17:00 in the Triangular Tower of Serdika (RHM – Sofia) the presentation of Todor Todorov's second book will take place.

Here is what Todorov himself says about the book: “The topic of this book, Dynamics in the Visual Arts, arose spontaneously while I was writing my theory Elemental Sculpture. Describing the dynamic potential of natural elements, and exploring the static-dynamic axis in contemporary sculpture, analogies with other visual arts, as well as specific distinctions, imposed themselves in the process of writing, and so a parallel line of facts and assumptions took shape, growing with the effect of a rolling snowball. In this book, I focus on dynamics as less common than statics, and consider the forms in which they manifest in the visual arts."

The realisationof the book is supported by the “One-Year Grant '21” Program of the NationalCulture Fund.

published on 15.12.2022