Bulgaria. Innovations and Traditions.
An exhibition in Luxembourg

The Amateras Foundation is honoured to announce that its founders, Todor Todorov and Daniela Todorova, have been invited to present the first exhibition of Bulgarian art at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

The exhibition was initiated by and is under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Brussels, which is also accredited to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in close cooperation with Mrs. Mariana Kancheva, Bulgarian Judge at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

During the vernissage, the President of the Court of Justice, Mr. Koen Lenaerts, addressed the numerous guests, who included His Excellency Mr. Vladimír Bärtl, ambassador of the Czech Republic in Luxembourg, the Bulgarian Judges Alexander Arabadzhiev and Alexander Kornezov, and members of the European Court of Justice from other countries and their assistants, diplomats, representatives of the Bulgarian community, and cultural figures. He highlighted Bulgaria's place in a united Europe as a country with millennia of culture and traditions. Mr. Lenaerts expressed his heartfelt thanks to the artists, the Bulgarian Embassy, and Judge Mariana Kancheva for the initiative and the organisation of the exhibition.

In his welcoming speech, the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to Belgium and Luxembourg, His Excellency Mr. Plamen Bonchev, highlighted the symbolism in presenting contemporary Bulgarian art in the core of European justice, as cultural heritage and diversity is a common European value. He pointed out that the impressive results of Bulgarian art, which inherited the spiritual messages and creative potential of a millennial culture, give us national and European self-confidence and build our cultural belonging. While preserving their national sensitivity and appearance, the Bulgarian artists follow and develop European ideas and artistic trends, creating original examples of contemporary art, as evidenced by the current exhibition. The Bulgarian Ambassador expressed the hope that in the near future we will also witness a permanent exhibition of fine art from Bulgaria in the architectural complex of the European Court of Justice.

Judge Mariana Kancheva welcomed the exhibition of contemporary Bulgarian art, imbued with profound messages, and introduced its creators. The aim of the project, which presents fragments of the spiritual and ancient heritage of our lands that left their mark on the development of Europe and its spiritual value system, is to illustrate the deep links of Bulgaria's cultural heritage with European history and culture, Ms Kancheva said.

The artists thank all the partners in the creation of the exhibition for the opportunity to present Bulgarian art for the first time at the European Court of Justice, as well as to show their work in Luxembourg.

The Foundation would like to personally thank Mr. Krikor Ajamian and his team for facilitating the process of installing the works, as well as the team of simultaneous interpreters who ensured smooth communication during the official opening in the Red Room.

The exhibition is the first event of the Sofia Paper Art Fest 2023 program, organized annually by Amateras Foundation, and will be on view from March 13 to May 31. The featured works are part of the “Streich” sculpture collection and the “Ancient Messages” collection of paper artworks.

The event is realized with the financial support of the “One-Year Grant '22” Program of the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria and the Calendar of Cultural Event of Sofia Municipality.

published on 20.03.2023