Sofia International Paper Art Biennial 2020

Organized by AMATERAS Foundation and Curator Daniela TODOROVA, the Sofia Paper Biennial 2020, is part of the SOFIA PAPER ART FEST 2020, Bulgaria. The exhibitions will include all sizes of paper art in 2D and 3D.

The main aim of the exhibition is to create a tradition in the presentation of contemporary 2D and 3D paper art, created by artists from all over the world without restriction to technique, style or type of paper. The purpose of the exhibition is to stimulate the development of creativity and innovation and to exceed the ordinary expectations of using paper while promoting the exchange of ideas and sharing of original experiments. Consequently, the theme of the biennial is sustainability in art, architecture and product design associated with green ecology and science.

Artists of global stature will be invited without restriction in age or specialty area.

The Invitation Process
The process will take place in four stages as described below:

Stage One: Sending of artist materials for preliminary screening and presentation to the Embassies of each country

Deadline 1 March 2020- via email only

Application materials arriving after this date will not be examined.Please send the following materials:

  • No more than 3 digital Images of paper works for the exhibition – 600/800dpi in jpg. format
  • An artist statement and CV – short, A4 in doc. Formatted in English and a website if you have one.
  • A personal portrait photograph – 400/600dpi. in .jpg format
  • Completed application form – titles, dimensions and media/technique description.
  • The work should have own hanging system. Installations as agreed with curator.

  • Application materials must be sent via email only before 1 of March , 2020 to:

    Organizer: Daniela Todorova, M.A.

    Stage Two: Sending the original paper works selected in Stage 1.

    Deadline April 1, 2020 – last time to arrived in Sofia
    Address for send the works from the Biennial:
    Recipient: Daniela Todorova
    Address: 16a, Vishneva Str.
    City: 1164 Sofia,
    Country: Bulgaria, EU
    ++359 898 408868

  • Originals arriving after this date will not be included in the exhibition.
  • For ease of shipment the works whenever possible should be sent to AMATERAS -Sofia Paper Biennial 2020 as PRINTED MATTER by registered air-mail in a simple packet, unframed, without mounting on them (but included with directions), bearing the declaration "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE". Please note: Packages with declared value amounts arrive directly to the customs office, and they become very expensive to deal with. This is the preferred shipping method unless otherwise agreed with the curator.
  • All selected works must be legibly labeled with the titles, dimensions, media, and dates of the work.
  • All works must arrive in ready to install condition with appropriate hardware included in the packet. If they arrive without such hardware and directions, the organizers reserve the right to exhibit them as they see fit.
  • You will receive a separate communication with the mailing address at a later time.

  • Entry Fee - 70 Euros

    Entry fee covered all activities before, in the time and after the biennial - rent of the galleries, catalogs, hanging the works, staff, transport, store, PR, insurance in the time of the exhibition, hanging, photograph, invitations, programs… all what have to be done.

    Method of payment:

  • Recipient: Daniela Todorova
    Address: 16a, Vishneva Str.
    City: 1164 Sofia,
    Country: Bulgaria, EU
    0898 408868

  • Bank transfers made to:
  • Bank: TEXIM BANK
    Using IBAN: BG10 TEXI 9545 1406 2179 00
    Recipient: Daniela Todorova
    Reason of payment: application fee for AMATERAS Annual Paper Art Exhibition 2020

  • Postal Money Order from the post office:
  • International Postal Money Transfer Orders made to the name of Daniela Todorova, MA /founder and curator of AMATERAS FOUNDATION/.
    Recipient: Daniela Todorova
    Address: 16a, Vishneva Str.
    City: 1164 Sofia,
    Country: Bulgaria, EU
    0898 408868

  • Pay Pal

    Contact person : Daniela Todorova, M.A.:

    Accepted works must be sent to the address below:

    Person:Daniela Todorova

    AMATERAS Foundation
    16a, Vishneva Str,
    1164 Sofia, Bulgaria

    Tel:00 359 898 408868

    Stage 3 - the Exhibition

  • Exhibition dates are April 28 – June 20, 2020
  • Exhibition news will be published in all media and newspapers
  • Exhibition will be publicized widely and advertised in all media. Art critics, curators, collectors and art lovers and students will all be invited. The organizers will also invite government officials of foreign and local cultural institutions in Sofia, as well as all embassies of participating countries, supported their artists.

  • Stage Four : Return of the originals

    All applicants will receive one catalog of the exhibition and their works back by end of the year 2020.

    Conditions for returning of the works:
  • All participants will be informed personally before send back the works.
  • All works will be send in two directions paid by the artists

  • All works will be de-installed by the organizers.

  • Stage Five: Donations

    If the artist would like to donate the works to the organizers, this should be stated on the application form by checking yes or no in the appropriate boxes. AMATERAS Foundation will send a selection a representative selection of donated works to their special exhibition in other cities in Bulgaria and abroad.

    Rules for publishing:
  • AMATERAS Foundation reserves the right to photograph all works, advertise them and publish all materials on the CD, catalog, and website of the exhibition and for all other press purposes.
  • Unless specified by the artist, all files will be kept in the archives of AMATERAS Foundation, and artists will be informed in the future about events organized by AMATERAS Foundation.
  • All participating artists will be presented on the website of AMATERAS Foundation.

  • For further questions please email to:

    Contact person: Daniela Todorova, M.A.:

    Please fill out in English the entry form for stage one. DOC

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